SENIORS will be present at the Transport Research Arena 2018 in Vienna next week showcasing two of the main results of the project: the elderly, overweight dummy and the FlexPLI with Upper Body Mass

Elderly, overweight dummy

In order to represent a population with increased vulnerability to injury, a new Elderly ATD (EATD) has been developed further in SENIORS. The prototype EATD is also based on advanced 3D modelling and cutting-edge 3D printing techniques and materials. The EATD anthropometric specifications were determined as 70-year old, female, and weighing approximately 73 kg with a stature of 1.61 metres (Body Mass Index of 29).


A pedestrian torso mass surrogate (UBM – upper body mass) was developed in SENIORS to update the current FlexPLI impactor to significantly change the impact response of the lower limb. The starting point for the improvement of the UBM and the development of a test procedure were comparative simulations with THUMS and the FlexPLI-UBM against generic vehicle frontends. The FlexPLI-UBM shows an improved qualitative and quantitative correlation with Human Body Model simulations. It can be used for the assessment of femur injuries, thus also addressing higher front-end geometries, and for an improved assessment of angled impact areas.

You can visit us at the @EuropeanCommission stand (E02).